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The North Yorkshire Shamanic Centre, a small independent business, was started by Jane Shutt and Christine Mark, in 1997, when we taught our first introductory workshop, in Pickering, North Yorkshire. At that time, we lived in Rosedale, a remote valley, deep in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, and although our tiny house had only two bedrooms we sometimes had up to 10 people sleeping over on workshops…it was fun but it could also be quite hard!.

We moved from Rosedale, to Scarborough, in 2004. We changed our name to North Yorkshire Shamanism and, for the next nine years, taught a variety of shamanic courses – including working with nature spirits, working with ancestors and with past lives and developing our highly regarded practitioners’ training course.

And now it’s time for another change!

Whenever we have moved it has been because the spirits have led us, and this time is no different. We have left Scarborough and are now in a beautiful Welsh Valley.

This necessitates another change of name, and so may we introduce you to the Cadair Idris Centre for Shamanic Studies?

Like Scarborough, Llwyngwril has good rail connections, making it much simple for people to travel to us, and is another holiday resort, so there are plenty of good places to stay when people come as clients or as workshop participants.

The venue has changed. The ethos has not.

Our courses are centred on learning to use the ritual tools of shamanism – drum, rattle and the shamanic trance journey - experiencing shamanism as a spiritual path, shamanic healing, and coming to the understanding and realisation that, as all are connected, we can bring shamanism to the centre of our lives.

As you browse further on this site, you will find plenty of information but, in fact, only so much can be said or written about shamanism. To begin to understand it, like Life, it must be experienced. To help you, we have also included descriptions of our courses, and our workshop calendar. We hope they will interest you...


Why do we think we can teach you about shamanism?

Our business was started because our spirit teachers told us to start teaching!

Christine and Jane have both attended many courses led by Jonathan Horwitz and Annette Høst of the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, and by Sandra Ingerman, Myron Eshowsky and Carol Edgar of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Together with four others, we became the founder members of the Core Shamanic Practitioners Circle; which has grown to support each other's shamanic work and to offer peer support for other shamanic practitioners. We are now a growing circle of practitioners who have trained with diverse shamanic teachers and who work with a range of healing techniques. What we have in common is a strong commitment to supporting each other and working with the spirits to become the best core shamanic practitioners we can be.

In 2008 we became founder members of the International Shamanic Community, as we acknowledge that our colleagues are found all over the world.

Together we can teach you everything we know, but it is the spirits who ultimately call you, as they have called us.

This Testimonial came from one of our students, Ashleigh. We were so moved by it, we have included it on our Home Page. Can you, as she has, accept the challenge of working with us, and allowing us to help you in taking that first step on your shamanic journey?

"Through the last few years of following and getting to know my Shamanic path I’ve had two of the most gifted and wonderful Teachers-Jane and Christine. Many years ago I read Jane’s book and thought-I need to find that woman and her teachings! It took another couple of years before I finally did and it was definitely worth the effort. If you are looking for Teachers who are down to earth, knowledgeable, open hearted and who work for the benefit of you and the Spirit world rather than fame, fortune and money you’ve found the right ones! Small class sizes, a personal touch to their teachings and a genuine interest in you as a person are what have kept me working with them on my own path. This is true not only for those of you who are just beginning on the path of your own spiritual development and who are dipping into an introduction course but also to those of you who are/have become intrepid explorers of the Spirit world. I did not think it could get any better than this and then they moved to Amynedd…

What you’ll find in Amynedd is the perfect place to complement your learning. Peaceful, beautiful, filled with energy and the magic of the Spirits of Nature, close to the beach and the most amazing sunsets over the ocean and a stillness that is hard to find in today’s hectic lifestyles. It’s the perfect combination for opening your heart to the magic that Shamanism has to offer and definitely worth that 6 hour drive I take to get there."


Bright blessings

Christine and Jane


The spirits are alway with me - jane shutt

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